Pakistan lynching: Imran Khan pledges severity with suspects after Sri Lankan man accused of blasphemy…

More than 100 people have been arrested in Pakistan following the brutal lynching of a Sri Lankan man accused of blasphemy, with the country's government…

COVID-19: Italy brings in tougher restrictions for the unvaccinated - but there are doubts as to how…

Italians face tougher rules from Monday if they are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Lewis Hamilton takes F1 title race to final round with dramatic victory in Saudi Arabia

Lewis Hamilton has kept his hopes of a record eighth Formula One title alive by winning the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, taking the drivers' championship…

Bob Dole: Tributes to former Republican US Senate leader and war veteran who has died aged 98

Bob Dole, who overcame severe combat wounds to become a senior figure in US politics, has died at the age of 98.

Gisele Bundchen: Supermodel draws praise after rescuing sea turtle caught in fishing net

Gisele Bundchen went from supermodel to superhero after saving a sea turtle tangled in a fishing net.

COVID-19: Riot police deploy water cannon and tear gas against anti-lockdown protesters in Brussels

Belgian police used tear gas and water cannon on protesters in Brussels to disperse crowds demonstrating against new coronavirus restrictions.

India: At least 14 civilians killed after army mistook them for insurgents

At least 14 civilians and one member of the security forces have died after Indian forces mistook a group of villagers for insurgents and…

Promising teenage motocross star Rene Hofer among three skiers killed in Austrian avalanche

A promising young motocross star is among three people who have been killed in an avalanche in central Austria, authorities have said.

Indonesia volcano eruption leaves 14 dead and dozens injured as Mount Semeru sends ash cloud 50,000ft…

The tallest volcano on the Indonesian island of Java has erupted, killing at least 14 people and sending huge clouds of ash into the air.

Ethiopia: Four young sisters among those caught up in country's bloody civil war

There is a little park in Addis Ababa with a bench and some flowers and a big red wall.

COVID-19: Rio cancels New Year's Eve celebrations amid spread of Omicron variant

Rio has cancelled its world-famous New Year's Eve celebrations as the Omicron COVID variant spreads around the world.

Ghislaine Maxwell's 'handbook' revealed: 'You see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing'

A handbook Ghislaine Maxwell gave to staff working at Jeffrey Epstein's house in Palm Beach has been shown to a jury - and a portable green massage…

South Africa sees rise in child COVID hospital admissions in Omicron epicentre but cases 'mild'

A marked rise has been seen in the number of children admitted to hospital in South Africa - the epicentre of the new coronavirus Omicron variant -…

Russia planning military offensive in Ukraine, according to US intelligence officials

Russia is planning a military offensive against Ukraine, which could begin as soon as early 2022, according to United States intelligence officials.

Bolsonaro to face probe after claiming COVID vaccines increase chance of contracting AIDS

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will be investigated after he claimed coronavirus vaccines may increase the chance of contracting AIDS.