Chess champion plays for marathon 6 hours to break record - and raise cash for child education

A campaigning Nigerian chess champion has played the game non-stop for 60 hours to break the world record.

Injuries and 'material losses' after large explosion at Iraq military base

Injuries and "material losses" have been reported after a large explosion at a military base in Iraq.

Violence will not stop in Middle East until Gaza war ends, senior Hezbollah figure warns

Violence in the Middle East will not stop until the war in Gaza ends, a senior Hezbollah figure has told Sky News in a world-first interview in which…

India election begins as almost 1 billion voters start heading to the polls

India's election has kicked off with the first day of polling taking place in 102 constituencies, across 21 states and territories.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to face pressure from right-wing coalition on future of Gaza…

Throughout his career Benjamin Netanyahu has been a generally cautious politician, either deferring decisions or taking the least incendiary options.

Beijing half marathon winner loses medal after competitors slowed down to let him win

China's top long-distance runner has been stripped of his first-place finish in the Beijing half marathon.

At least four dead after record-breaking rainfall in United Arab Emirates this week

Four people died in the United Arab Emirates after record-breaking rainfall caused heavy flooding this week, officials have said.

Iran calls Israeli strike 'infiltration' as it downplays attack on Supreme Leader's birthday

Iran has indicated it has no plans for retaliation as it played down a strike by Israel after Tehran's unprecedented missile-and-drone assault on the…

Key moments in the Middle East this week - from Iran's attack on Israel to the apparent retaliation

Israel has launched an attack against Iran in retaliation to a drone and missile strike launched against it on Saturday.

Isfahan: A city steeped in history - and home to Iranian nuclear facilities

The city of Isfahan has been targeted in an Israeli strike in retaliation for the barrage of missiles and drones that Iran unleashed at the weekend.

Israel threatened to respond - and it appears to have been carefully chosen

Israel threatened a retaliation, and it came before dawn on Friday morning.

Targeted Israeli strike is a message - and Iran's response so far is telling

If this Israeli attack on Iran is no more than it presently appears to be, then it is rather well modulated.

What missiles could Israel use in an attack - and can Iran defend itself?

Israel has launched a strike against Iran in retaliation for Tehran's unprecedented missile-and-drone assault on the country at the weekend.

US vetoes Palestinian bid for full UN membership

The US has blocked a Palestinian bid to be recognised as a full member state at the United Nations.

India elections: Can anyone beat Narendra Modi?

India's wildly popular and divisive leader Narendra Modi is set to sweep to victory as the world's biggest election kicks off.