Strange News

Yemeni social media influencers dance on Galaxy Leader cargo ship hijacked by Houthi rebels in Red Sea

Yemeni social media influencers have been sharing videos of themselves on the cargo ship which was seized by Houthi rebels in the Red Sea - with one…

Passenger uses Southwest Airlines plane's emergency exit and climbs on wing in New Orleans

A passenger on board a plane was taken to hospital after opening the emergency exit door and climbing onto the wing.

Charlie's Bar Christmas advert: Northern Ireland pub's £700 tear-jerker video goes viral

A budget Christmas advert by a pub in Northern Ireland has gone viral - with the manager describing the reaction as beyond her "wildest dreams".

Child driving stolen forklift truck hits 10 cars during police chase in Michigan

A 12-year-old boy driving a stolen forklift truck led police in the US on an hour-long chase - and hit about 10 parked cars during the pursuit.

Spider lays eggs in man's toe during cruise holiday

A cruise ship passenger has told of his horror after discovering a spider had laid eggs inside his toe - including one that hatched.

Fears 'super pigs' could invade US states - and it's not easy to eradicate them

Experts in the US fear a rising number of "super pigs" that are proving tough to eradicate could invade northern states.

Scientists baffled after extremely high-energy particle detected falling to Earth

A rare and extremely high-energy particle has been detected falling to Earth by astronomers.

Why do we itch? Scientists have been scratching their heads and now have the answer

Few things are as satisfying as scratching an itch - and now scientists have scratched the most nagging of all: why do we itch?

Started from the bottom, now I'm here: How a sea worm's butt swims away to start life of its own

When living your best life just isn't enough, why not live two?