Artificial intelligence could help detect heart failure risk early on, study shows

Artificial intelligence could play a pivotal role in the early diagnosis of people who are at risk of heart failure as it is able to identify anomalies…

'Manhattanhenge' draws New Yorkers to the streets - here's what you need to know

Crowds gathered in New York on Tuesday evening as onlookers tried to catch a glimpse of 'Manhattanhenge'.

'All eyes on Rafah' image shared millions of times on social media following Israeli airstrike

If you're on Instagram, it's an image you will likely have seen: orderly lines of tents stretching into the distance on dusty ground, white structures…

Time running out for regulators to tackle AI threat ahead of general election, researchers warn

Time is running out for regulators to tackle the threats posed by artificial intelligence (AI) to the democratic process ahead of July's election,…

One in five professional footballers using snus or tobacco-free nicotine pouches, says study

Around one in five professional football players currently use snus, tobacco-free nicotine pouches or both, according to a study.

Labour and Conservatives spend big on early election campaign - here's who they're targeting

This is fast shaping up to be the biggest spending election ever - and already the Conservatives are spending their cash begging their voters not to…

Billionaire is planning to take two-person sub to depths of Titanic - despite deadly Titan tragedy

A billionaire is planning to take a two-person submersible to the depths of the Titanic to demonstrate that the industry is safe.

AI regulators 'under-resourced' compared to developers, committee warns

Regulators for artificial intelligence in the UK are "under-resourced" compared to developers of the technology, the Commons science committee chief…

Mother of Jools Sweeney, 14, who took his own life is fighting social media companies for his search…

A bereaved mother who has "absolutely no idea" why her son took his own life aged 14 is fighting social media companies to hand over his search history.

Smartphone ban for under-16s should be considered, group of MPs suggests

A total ban on under-16s owning smartphones should be considered by the next government, according to a report from MPs.

Glue cheese to pizza and eat rocks, says Google's new AI feature as mistakes flood social media

Google's new search feature that uses AI to answer some users' questions is facing criticism over its inaccurate responses, including telling users…

Chinese takeaway worker Jian Wen jailed for money laundering after £3bn Bitcoin seizure

A former Chinese takeaway worker found guilty of money laundering after police seized more than £3bn worth of Bitcoin has been jailed for more…

New planet that could support human life discovered 'close' to Earth by UK scientists

UK scientists have discovered a new planet that could potentially support human life and it isn't that far away… relatively speaking.

Huge new images of space revealed to help scientists understand how universe is changing around us

These are the largest images of the universe ever taken.

The Digital Election: Why big money might swing it

The surprise election announcement made for a sluggish start to the campaign in most ways.