Disc vital to forming stars and planets found outside Milky Way in astronomical first

Astronomers exploring a neighbouring galaxy have found evidence of a disc like those which help form stars and planets in our own Milky Way.

Elon Musk accused of promoting 'Pizzagate' conspiracy theory

Elon Musk has been accused of promoting a long-debunked conspiracy theory which alleged high-profile Democrats ran a paedophile abuse ring from a Washington…

Molly Russell's father calls for end to algorithms 'pushing out harmful content' six years after her…

Social media algorithms are still "pushing out harmful content to literally millions of young people" six years after Molly Russell's death, the schoolgirl's…

Schools urged to teach children how to use AI from age of 11

Schools have been urged to teach children how to use AI from the age of 11 as the technology threatens to upend the jobs market.

Amazon to launch AI business chatbot named Q

Amazon says it will launch a business chatbot named Q powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Firefighter says e-bike battery blaze could have been 'much worse' as calls grow for regulation

A firefighter has spoken of the moment he arrived at a property engulfed by flames after an e-bike battery exploded, as calls grow for the government…

4.5 billion-year-old asteroid could reveal the origins of life on Earth

Samples of a 4.5 billion-year-old asteroid could reveal the origins of life on the planet.

Pioneering flight to use 100% sustainable aviation fuel to cross the Atlantic

For the first time a long haul commercial aircraft is flying across the Atlantic using 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Swine flu: No evidence new strain has spread but scientists will want to know more

Every time a virus jumps from animals into humans there is a shudder of alarm.

New strain of swine flu detected in person for first time in UK

A new strain of swine flu - similar to a flu virus currently circulating in pigs - has been detected in a human in the UK for the first time.

Swine flu: What we know about A(H1N2)v - the new strain found in a person in the UK

A person in North Yorkshire has been diagnosed with a strain of flu similar to a virus circulating in pigs.

'Unbelievable' moon 'halo' delights onlookers in UK

An "unbelievable halo" spotted around the moon overnight wowed onlookers across the UK.

Disabled astronaut John McFall's prosthetic leg tested over concerns of poisoning space station

The world's first disabled astronaut has sparked concerns his prosthetic leg could be poisonous for the air inside a space station.

HSBC online and mobile banking services return after Black Friday outage

HSBC's online and mobile banking services have been restored after customers faced major disruption on Black Friday.

Amazon Black Friday strike: Workers in Coventry to walk out as part of international action against…

Amazon workers in the UK are to go on strike today to coincide with Black Friday - one of the company's busiest shopping days of the year.