British firms warned to bolster cyber defences against threat of new Russian attacks

Britain's cyber security centre has urged UK organisations to check their cyber defences because of concern about the potential for new Russian cyber…

Joe Danger: Autistic boy, 8, inspires relaunch of game that helped him 'experience normal kid stuff'

An eight-year-old autistic boy has inspired the relaunch of a hit mobile game after platform updates rendered it defunct.

New insect species identified in western Uganda by British scientist in 'incredibly rare' find

A new species of insect has been discovered by a British scientist in the Ugandan rainforest.

Apple shrugs off chip shortage hit to notch up record $124bn sales over Christmas quarter

Apple has shrugged off the impact of chip shortages to deliver record quarterly sales of $123.9bn (£92.6bn) and said the constraints will start…

Milky Way discovery as astronomers uncover 'spooky' spinning object unlike anything seen before

Astronomers have discovered a mysterious spinning object in the Milky Way that emits a radio wave beam every 18 minutes - and is unlike anything seen…

Wayward SpaceX rocket booster predicted to crash into the moon in March

Part of an old SpaceX rocket is predicted to crash into the moon in March, according to experts.

Self-driving cars: Companies not the users should be responsible if autonomous vehicles crash, watchdog…

People in a self-driving car should not be responsible if it crashes, legal watchdogs have proposed.

More than 220 new animal and plant species discovered in Greater Mekong, WWF says

A monkey, a big-headed frog, and a knobbly newt are among 224 new species that have been discovered in a wildlife "hotspot".

James Webb Telescope fires thrusters to reach final stop a million miles from Earth and begins orbit…

The world's most powerful space telescope has reached its final stop - one million miles from Earth - a month after setting off on its historic voyage.

Water seen below polar ice cap on Mars may be optical illusion, scientists say

Liquid water previously seen under the surface of Mars may be an illusion, a new study suggests.

Peloton: Another TV character falls victim to the exercise bike, but defiantly says 'I'm not going out…

Another TV character has suffered a heart attack at the hands of a Peloton bike - despite the exercise company not giving permission for it to be used.

'AirCar': Dual-mode vehicle that can transform from a car into a plane is certified to fly after passing…

A flying car has been awarded an official certificate of airworthiness after completing 70 hours of rigorous flight testing, its developers have said.

Video games that diagnose, monitor and treat depression developed by scientists

Scientists have developed video games using AI technology to diagnose, monitor and treat depression.

Online Safety Bill: Illegal and harmful content could evade new safety legislation, MPs warn

Some of the most "insidious" images of child abuse and violence against women and girls could evade new online safety laws, a group of MPs…

Two-thirds of anti-vax propaganda online created by just 12 influencers, research finds

Two-thirds of anti-vaccination propaganda posted online is created by just 12 so-called influencers, research has found.