Europe's drought on course to be worst for 500 years, European Commission researcher warns

The drought scorching much of the European Union is set to be the worst endured since the sixteenth century, a senior scientist at the European Commission's…

China's ambassador to the UK summoned by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss over 'wide-ranging escalation'…

China's ambassador to the UK has been summoned to the Foreign Office over Beijing's "aggressive and wide-ranging escalation" against Taiwan.

Climate crisis: Drought hitting nearly half of Europe - and it could last for months

Almost half of European Union land is currently under a drought warning or in the most severe "alert" status, hampering agriculture, energy production…

Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova who protested Ukraine war live on TV has home raided

Russian authorities have raided the home of a former state TV journalist who quit after making an on-air protest against the war in Ukraine.

Russians buy last items from H&M and Ikea as stores prepare to exit country after invasion of Ukraine…

Shoppers in Russia have been snapping up items for the final time from H&M and Ikea, which are about to leave the country following the invasion on…

Another week of high temperatures means no respite for much of drought-hit France

In Seillans, southeast France, the stream is dry, a fountain near the town hall no longer flows and the ground is parched.

Gaza apartment destroyed in Israeli attack as survivor says: 'I am still asking myself why I am alive'

At 4pm last Friday, residents of the Palestine apartment building on Al-Shohada Street in Gaza were eating, sleeping or relaxing on their day off.

Special forces carried out raid on Russian air base in Crimea - 200km behind the front lines - Ukraine…

Ukrainian special forces carried out a raid on the Russian air base in Crimea more than 200km behind the front lines, the country's military says.

World Cup set to start a day earlier than scheduled to allow Qatar to play first

The Qatar World Cup is set to start a day earlier than scheduled to enable the host nation to be the opening game of the tournament, Sky News understands.

Beluga whale which strayed into River Seine 'euthanised' during road transfer

A beluga whale that had strayed into France's River Seine has been euthanised, French authorities have said.

River Seine rescue: Expert warns trapped beluga whale 'may die' during mission to free it, but insists…

An operation to move a beluga whale trapped in the River Seine since Friday has begun.

Domino's exits Italy after failing to win over ancestral home of pizza

Domino's has closed the last of its 29 stores in Italy, marking the end of an ambitious plan to launch American pizza in the culinary dish's ancestral…

FBI searches former president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida

The FBI has searched Donald Trump's estate in Florida, with the former president claiming his home was "raided" and "under siege" and that agents broke…

Kenya: Economy the key election issue as millions go to the polls in east African country

Millions of Kenyans have cast their votes to decide the country's next president.

Rudi Koertzen: South African former cricket umpire dies aged 73 after car crash

Tributes have been paid to former international cricket umpire Rudi Koertzen following his death at 73.