Ostrich dies after swallowing zoo worker's keys

A beloved ostrich has died after swallowing a zoo worker's keys.

Voyager 1: NASA's longest-running spacecraft back in touch with Earth after five months of silence

NASA's longest-running spacecraft Voyager 1 is sending information back to Earth again for the first time since November.

Fashion designer Nancy Gonzalez jailed for smuggling crocodile handbags into US for New York Fashion…

A celebrity handbag designer whose products have been used by Britney Spears and on Sex And The City has been jailed for smuggling crocodile handbags…

Major General Aharon Haliva: Israeli intelligence chief quits IDF over 7 October attack

The Israeli military intelligence chief has resigned after failures that led to the deadly 7 October Hamas attack on Israel.

India's Modi reported to Electoral Commission after referring to Muslims as 'infiltrators' during campaign…

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing a widespread backlash after referring to Muslims as "infiltrators" during a campaign speech over the…

Milan poised to ban ice cream, pizza and more after midnight after new proposed law

Milan is proposing a new law to ban ice cream after midnight in an effort to protect the "tranquillity" of residents.

Dutch cities divided over WFH plan for sex workers

Dutch cities are divided on whether sex workers should be allowed to work from home. 

China floods: Four dead as cities submerged after days of record breaking rainfall

Footage from China shows rescuers racing to evacuate trapped residents and streets inundated with water after the country was hit by intense floods…

Paris 2024 Olympics: How to plan a last-minute trip, from Games tickets to accommodation

As the Paris Olympics draw closer, the hype is increasing - and it's only going to build from here. 

Adolf Hitler: Four Germans caught laying roses at family home on dictator's birthday

Four Germans have been caught laying white roses in memory of Adolf Hitler at the house where he was born on the dictator's birthday.

Baby saved from womb of mother killed in Israeli strike

Palestinians in Rafah are reeling from a series of devastating Israeli airstrikes that have killed 22 people - including 18 children.

Porn stars, sex scandals and zzzs: The A to Z of Trump's hush money trial

Opening statements are due to be heard in the trial of Donald Trump over hush money payments to a porn star.

Papua New Guinea PM responds to Biden's 'cannibals' comment

Papua New Guinea's prime minister has accused Joe Biden of insulting his country after the US president implied his uncle had been eaten by cannibals…

Woman accused of killing ex-husband's parents by feeding them poisonous mushrooms appears in court

A woman accused of killing her ex-husband's parents and an aunt by feeding them a beef wellington laced with poisonous mushrooms has appeared in court.…

Earth Day 2024: This year's theme, the story of how it started and what it's all about

Earth Day will be celebrating its 54th anniversary this year.