Ukraine war: Finland and Sweden formally submit applications to join NATO

Finland and Sweden have formally submitted their applications to join NATO in a "historic moment" driven by security concerns over Russia's invasion…

Pollution still killing millions and accounts for one in six deaths worldwide, study finds

Air, chemical and water pollution accounted for one in six deaths in 2019, a study has found.

Sweden and Finland could join NATO in next 'couple of months', US ambassador to alliance tells Sky News

The US ambassador to NATO has said the military alliance is trying to expedite the process to ensure that Sweden and Finland join in the next "couple…

Footballers' pay: Deal struck to ensure men and women internationals earn the same in the US

US football authorities are to pay their men and women the same for international competitions, including in their respective World Cups.

Ukraine war: Russian soldier on trial for war crimes admits killing unarmed 62-year-old civilian

A Russian soldier has pleaded guilty to murdering a 62-year-old civilian in northeastern Ukraine in the first war crimes trial of the conflict.

Australian PM Scott Morrison accidentally rugby tackles boy during football match at election event

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has accidentally knocked over a boy while playing football at an election campaign event.

Ukraine war: Russia claims 265 Ukrainian soldiers 'surrender' at Mariupol steelworks

Russia has claimed more than 250 Ukrainian fighters who were holed up in the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol have surrendered.

Ukraine war: Sweden strengthens military muscle in face of Russian aggression

On the island of Gotland, they're training for war.

Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak banned for a year for wearing pro-war Z symbol on podium next to Ukrainian

The Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak has been banned for a year for wearing the Z symbol, a sign of support for Putin's war in Ukraine, on the podium after…

Scientists develop tool to identify patients most at risk of COVID death

An algorithm to identify people most at risk of dying from COVID when being treated in a hospital has been developed by scientists.

COVID-19: Kim Jong Un slams North Korea's 'immature' response to outbreak as death toll grows

Kim Jong Un has criticised North Korea's "immature" response in dealing with its first confirmed COVID outbreak.

Deliberate nosedive likely caused China Eastern Airlines plane crash, report finds

The crash of a China Eastern Airlines jet might have been deliberate, according to a US report.

Chile announces state of emergency as conflict between state and indigenous minorities escalates

Chile has announced a state of emergency in southern areas after being shaken by conflict between indigenous Mapuche groups and the state.

Prince Charles promises Canada 'healing and understanding' over schools scandal

The Prince of Wales has paid his respects to the thousands of indigenous children abused in residential schools in Canada, saying "we must find new…

Buffalo shooting: President Biden urges all Americans to reject 'poison' of white supremacy

Joe Biden has called on all Americans to reject the "poison" of white supremacy following a "racially-motivated" mass shooting at a US supermarket.