Claude Bourbon

Thursday 14th February 2019 at 08:00 PM
Acorn Theatre, Penzance

‘Exquisite’ classical-rooted guitar-work - and occasional song - fit for ‘the courts of emperors and kings’

Claude Bourbon weaves his songs through the audience as if on a journey through life, taking in different flavours of Europe and beyond. His Spanish medieval blues evolved into Gypsy, Eastern European, with a splash of Paco de Lucia, Delta Blues and more – holding audience attention as if under a musical spell.

It is very hard to describe the almost endless amalgam of different influences in Claude’s playing, all melting into each other, as he moves from classical openings, across a whole continent of cultural roots: from the Balearics to the Balkans, and then across to the Mississippi Delta – and shoehorned into all that is music that would not have been out of place in the courts of emperors and kings.

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