Coronavirus: Jedward call on celebrities and influencers to speak out about wearing masks

Monday 14th September 2020 14:00 BST

But the twins, John and Edward Grimes, have been praised on social media for speaking out about wearing masks and sticking to social distancing rules for several weeks now.

After attracting headlines last month thanks to an unlikely Twitter row with fellow Irish music star Jim Corr, from The Corrs - he praised the "great turnout" of an anti-mask protest in Dublin, they called the demonstrators "selfish low lives" - Jedward are now calling on other celebrities and influencers to use their platforms to speak out.

In one tweet in a series posted at the weekend, the brothers, 28, said: "To all the other Celebs and so called social influencers! Please get with the times and make your voice heard! Fellow Artists and bands it's not about charts it's about being real and being with the people so speak up we are all waiting.

"You want people to buy tickets to your massive festivals and expect people to turn up to hear you sing! Now it's your time to return the favour! Your fans need to hear you speak your minds! Forget about management and record labels telling you to stay silent!"

Jedward's messages came after more anti-mask protests at the weekend.

They also revealed some brands had decided to stop working with them "because we are speaking what's right and we might offend your customers", and added: "We have backbone so f*** you."

Despite not giving the brand names, they later said they had been threatened with legal action over the tweet, but said that they "wouldn't want to be associated with them anyway".

The twins, who rose to fame after appearing on The X Factor in 2009, started by explaining that their late mother, who died of cancer in 2019, would not have survived the virus.

They continued: "Our hearts go out to everyone that's lost a loved one. There is incredible loss and pain going through all our veins but we're going to get through this and fight harder for those that have died! You won't be forgotten."

Jedward also called on the Irish government to "get the hell out there and stop the organising of criminal gatherings! Forget about your future elections and losing votes you will get a lot more respect from the people if you take a vocal stand".

Further anti-mask protests took place in Dublin at the weekend.

In the UK, social gatherings of more than six people are now illegal in England from today.

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