Search abandoned for two fishermen missing after boat sinks off East Sussex coast

Saturday 21st November 2020 22:00 GMT

Three men were on board the fishing vessel Joanna C when it sank, with one man rescued after he was found clinging to a lifebuoy by rescuers.

HM Coastguard scrambled a search and rescue helicopter after receiving an alert signal at 6am on Saturday.

Two RNLI lifeboats are also trying to locate the missing boat.

The alert from the boat's emergency beacon put the vessel three nautical miles off the coast of Seaford, near Newhaven.

In an update at 10.30am, HM Coastguard said a man had been rescued from the water by the Newhaven RNLI lifeboat and was taken to hospital.

The Joanna C is a 45ft scalloping vessel registered in Brixham, the Coastguard said.

As well as the RNLI lifeboats, the Birling Gap Coastguard Rescue Team checked for sightings from the shore.

Another fishing vessel close to the area also helped with the search.

In an update on Twitter, RNLI Eastbourne said the "search was abandoned as darkness fell".

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