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Ukraine-Russia war: A day of mourning - and rage - in Kyiv on Ukraine war anniversary

In Kyiv, it seems a new tradition has been established, a tradition and a solemn occasion. 

Rebecca Grossman: LA socialite killed two young brothers while speeding and drove off

A socialite from Los Angeles has been found guilty of murder after two young brothers were killed in a hit-and-run in 2020.

Mum who left toddler alone in playpen for 10 days pleads guilty to aggravated murder

A mother who left her young daughter at home in a playpen for 10 days while she went on holiday has pleaded guilty to aggravated murder.

Six Nations: Why Wales and Ireland clash will never be the same again

Wales and Ireland face each other in a Six Nations match wearing their traditional plain red and green shirts for the final time on Saturday - as rules…

Abdul Ezedi: Body recovered from Thames confirmed as Clapham chemical attack suspect

A body recovered from the River Thames has been confirmed as Clapham chemical attack suspect Abdul Ezedi.

'There's a lot of anger': Hospital says mood is changing among patients facing delays due to strike…

Melissa Davies sits in a quiet office that she shares with her colleague Liam.

Christian B: Madeleine McCann suspect beat rape victim and attacked woman while wearing ski mask, court…

The prime suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann raped a woman while wearing a ski mask and beat another rape victim with a whip, a court…

Left-wing anarchist guilty of terror offences after declaring he wanted to kill MPs

A left-wing anarchist has been found guilty of preparing acts of terrorism by compiling and sharing a bomb-making manual, after declaring that he wanted…

Robin Windsor: Strictly star's family call for 'constant media speculation' about his death to stop

The family of Strictly Coming Dancing star Robin Windsor have asked for the "constant media speculation" around his death to stop.

Pale, drawn and behind bars, what remains of Russian opposition's attempts to rally supporters

This is a glimpse of what remains of Russia's opposition through the stuffy, bureaucratic prism of a Moscow courtroom.

Ksenia Karelina: US ballerina was detained in Russia while visiting 90-year-old grandmother, says boyfriend

A ballerina with US-Russian citizenship was visiting her elderly grandmother when she was detained by Russian authorities on suspicion of treason,…

Police dog plays his part as more than £1.8m worth of cannabis seized from port

More than £1.8m worth of cannabis has been seized from a Scottish port in the space of two-and-a-half weeks.

Plymouth: More than 3,000 residents evacuated after discovery of WWII bomb sparks major incident

More than 3,000 people are leaving their homes after an unexploded Second World War bomb was found in the back garden of a home in Plymouth.

Boy, 10, meets the Peterlee firefighters who rescued him from burning building after 'living nightmare'…

A 10-year-old boy who suffered 40% burns in a fire has met the firefighters who pulled him to safety from the burning building.

Joe Biden's dog Commander bit US Secret Service agents at least 24 times, documents show

Joe Biden's dog has bitten United States Secret Service (USSS) personnel at least 24 times, according to newly-released internal documents.