Campaigners call for Government to increase NHS resources by 20 per cent

Former MP Andrew George says closures at hospitals including Poltair and Edward Hain are symptomatic of challenges faced by the NHS.

Wednesday 13th June 2018 08:00 BST

A campaign group including current and recently retired health professionals is calling on the Government to increase NHS resources by 20 per cent by 2020.

Headed by campaigner Andrew George and former NHS Kernow chairman Colin Philip, the group has prepared a charter which demands dramatic health service improvements.

Dr Philip said: “Without an immediate and much greater financial injection, the NHS will continue to deteriorate. Our health service will become less safe.

“Safety is of the highest concern of any health system, but the deterioration has already begun. Though the dedication of its staff has long compensated for NHS underfunding, those staff are now facing unacceptable pressure, sometimes paying personally for the inadequacy of the system within which they work.”

Former St Ives MP Andrew George said: “Cornwall’s NHS is more debt-ridden and more over-stretched than ever. Closures at Poltair, Edward Hain, Fowey and Saltash hospitals and withdrawal of doctor cover at Helston is symptomatic of the challenges the NHS faces, especially at a time when primary and community NHS services are needed to grow, not diminish.

“The problems we face are replicated across the country. Whether as a Sustainability and Transformation Plan or now Shaping our Future programme the Government wants Cornwall to cut £270 million from our NHS by 2020. No one believes this is sustainable.

“That’s why we’ve come together across parties and with the powerful backing of medical professionals to call on the Government to commit to make a significant cash injection. The NHS’s 70th Birthday in a month’s time is a very appropriate time to make this commitment.”

Campaigners will take to the streets on Saturday 30 June, seek support through a petition in support of their charter and deliver 70th anniversary birthday cards to local hospitals and NHS services to celebrate the achievements of the NHS and to wish the service support for the next 70 years.

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