Be on your guard against these telephone scams, residents warned

Thursday 13th December 2018 08:04 GMT

Residents of Cornwall are being warned to be on their guard against telephone con artists, after police received reports of two current scams.

Police say one scam is an automated message, claiming to be from the resident’s internet or telephone line provider, warning that the telephone contract or internet service will be cancelled and instructing the resident to press 1.

A force spokesperson said: “This is not a genuine call and you should not press any keys. If you are concerned about your service, hang up, make sure that there is a dialling tone and call the published number for your service provider.”

Officers say reports have also come in of the scam involving a caller stating they are from a well-known software company, telling the resident they are at risk of a computer security threat or similar.

The caller tells the resident they can help repair the problem and deceives them into following their instructions, the results of which range from the scammer taking control of the resident’s computer, to downloading software in an attempt to access personal details or online banking.
Police advise residents to hang up on any similar calls, not to give out any personal information and not to follow instructions from cold callers.

Anyone with concerns can call police on 101 or email [email protected].

Information on scams can be found on the Action Fraud website

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