Sennen lifeguards assist bodyboarder with suspected spinal injury

Image: RNLI.

Tuesday 7th August 2018 22:24 BST

RNLI lifeguards at Sennen Cove assisted a bodyboarder with a suspected spinal injury last week.

RNLI lifeguard Josh Magin was carrying out routine patrols from the lifeguard unit on Sennen beach last Tuesday when he spotted a bodyboarder out of her depth.

Josh saw the casualty catch a large unbroken wave which overturned her bodyboard and immediately radioed to RNLI lifeguard Harry Hoare, who was at the water’s edge.

Harry made his way over to the casualty who was lying face down on her board.

Having made an initial assessment, Harry radioed to Josh at the lifeguard unit for assistance and contacted the coastguard to request further back up from the ambulance.

Due to the incoming tide, the decision was made to move the casualty further up the beach. With the help of the paramedics, Harry and Josh log rolled the casualty onto a stretcher and moved her away from the water’s edge.

Harry and Josh then assisted the paramedics in completing their assessment of the casualty who remained in their care.

Tim Palmer, RNLI lifeguard supervisor for the area, said: “This was an unfortunate incident for the casualty to find herself in. Harry and Josh followed protocol and the paramedics praised them for their treatment of the casualty and swift decision making.

“It has been a very busy week down at Sennen and we have recently seen a change in conditions down at the beach. A shallow sandbank has formed just off the beach which causes waves to break suddenly, especially at low tide, and is creating rip currents.

“We would advise anyone using a bodyboard to only attempt to catch a wave once it has broken. Always swim or bodyboard between the red and yellow flags as this marks the safest area in the water.”

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