Windows into Christian Art

Monday 16th September 2019 at 10:03 AM
Truro Cathedral, Truro

A 6 week theological course looking at Christian Art through the centuries.

A survey of Christian art embraces much of the history of art in the West, and in other parts of the world where the Bible has played a major part in local culture. In six sessions it is clearly impossible to achieve comprehensive coverage of such a large subject, but Windows into Christian Art will give participants a flavour of the scope of the subject by exploring a range of ‘snapshots’ of Christian Art through the centuries. The role of art in Christianity, in exploring and commenting upon its meaning, digging deeper into the text, teaching, inspiring devotion and providing a focus for contemplation and prayer has stimulated a rich Christian cultural heritage and it is through these lenses that the course will aim to encourage participants to consider the art and artists offered. There will be time both for discussion of the ways in which art responds to Scripture in different periods and social contexts throughout history and also for a shared appreciation of the spiritual responses that we, and others, may make to Christian works of art now Sessions will be 2 hours long with a half-time break for coffee and all will be welcome.

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