In Our Element

Friday 17th May 2019 at 10:00 AM
Penwith Gallery, St Ives

Exhibition by 3 artists living in Cornwall: painters M. Taylor & H. Fletcher and ceramist J.Beavan.

Their summer exhibition showing at the Penwith Gallery focuses on the elements they are drawn to, whether it be the flow and harshness of water, the destruction of the landscape or their relationship to it through uses of pigments , china clay and other natural local materials.

Painter Mary Taylor takes the elements of the landscape and explores the literal quality through quick studies and print, and by a process of deconstructing and reassembling she retains elements of structure in an abstracted form by means of line and colour, without losing all recognition. She feels it is important to the viewer to interpret the work through their perception but still feel a sense of the place.

Ceramicist Jenny Beavan’s clay-works are an expression of physical locality and transformation. Through harvesting indigenous aggregates and vegetation from local china clay pits and places that resonate with her, she questions how these site specific materials can respond to her actions, and what insights she can learn. She strongly relates to the notion of the ‘vessel’ in its widest sense and this can often determine her method of making. A working clay pit as an ‘Earth Vessel’ is a place of wealth that brings all her senses into play; a place where ‘the free spirit of water’ is harnessed and re-cycled by industry. So like a choreographer she playfully explores extremes in her making in order to discover water and her materials in transition.

Abstract Painter, Helene Fletcher. Colour is her element. She makes the most of her paints with pigments, water, glue and other materials, some she collects from around where she lives in Par: sand, chalk, china, clay, mud. She often experiences the alchemical works of grinding and mixing as a bodily experience initiating the beginning of a painting. Colour drives her imaginative process and informs her physical and emotional responses to the brush and canvas.

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