Thursday 5th December 2019 at 06:30 PM
The Redruth Drapery, Redruth

Bill Mitchell’s Attic – 40 years of collection and creativity.

A fundraising & celebration event for Bill’s Attic.

Live music, dinner, charity auction, surprises. More information coming soon.


About Bill’s Attic.

Bill Mitchell, Artistic Director of WildWorks and Kneehigh, died on Good Friday 2017 at the peak of his powers. Thousands of people witnessed his wonderful gifts in shows like Tregeagle, The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, Souterrain, Wolf’s Child, Tristan & Yseult and The Passion. Hundreds had the delight of working with him as artists and volunteers.

His Attic was Bill’s private creation space. The shows and projects are what Bill is best remembered for. But they are the tip of a treasure house of artworks – installations, books of collage, drawings, paintings, writing. And a mesmerising collection of artefacts that he used to provoke his imagination and creativity, a loose-parts-playkit of raw materials, imagery, toys, found objects, archaeology, taxidermy, bones, sea flotsam…

Next winter it will be re-homed at Krowji, Redruth, in a beautiful old stone building in the midst of the artists’ studios. This much bigger space will allow artists and arts companies to be inspired, play, and make new work in response to Bill’s collection and his radical creativity.

This idea was formed in the last week of Bill’s life. He was thrilled to think that his strange and beautiful collection might go on to inspire other artists…

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