'Shocking' image shows van dragging enormous Christmas tree

Wednesday 5th December 2018 21:00 GMT

The "shocking" speed camera image, posted by Plymouth PC Jane Bickley, showed the tree almost dragging along the road behind the silver vehicle.

The van had been travelling on the A38 towards Plymouth and was spotted on 1 December.

PC Bickley, the safety camera unit investigator for the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership, tweeted: "Shocking image spotted on the A38 by one of our speed camera vans over the weekend."

She added: "We all know it's a hectic time of year in the run-up to Christmas... but please consider the suitability of your vehicle if transporting such a large load."

One social media user replied: "I'd like to see the size of their house to get that in the living room."

While another joked: "Elf and Safety trying to spoil people's Christmas."

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