Coronavirus: Seb Corbyn, Labour leader's son, self-isolating over symptoms

Monday 23rd March 2020 11:45 GMT

Seb Corbyn - who works for shadow chancellor John McDonnell - is following the government's advice for anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Sources said he has not recently been in direct contact with Mr McDonnell or his father, the outgoing Labour Party leader.

Parliament has been put under special measures to stop the virus spreading as MPs continue debating and voting.

All tours have been cancelled and many staffers are being allowed to work remotely.

Health minister Nadine Dorries was the first MP to test positive for COVID-19, followed by Labour backbencher Kate Osborne, while several others are also self-isolating after showing symptoms.

The government and many in the opposition want the House of Commons to remain open as the coronavirus crisis continues so any new measures can be properly scrutinised.

New laws that will hand emergency powers to ministers will be looked at by parliament on Monday, with Downing Street planning to rush them through the Commons in a single day.

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