Heliport team thanks supporters as planning consent objection deadline passes

An artist’s impression of the proposed Penzance Heliport.

Thursday 27th September 2018 07:29 BST

The team behind Penzance Heliport has thanked its supporters as the construction phase of the project is set to begin.

Last month Cornwall Council granted planning permission for a heliport site off Jelbert Way, adjacent to the A30. The deadline for formal objections to the consent has now passed and work can proceed.

Robert Dorrien-Smith from Penzance Heliport said: “I am delighted to confirm the deadline for legal objections has now passed and, with no challenge lodged, our planning permission stands.

“We can now get on with the job of building the heliport, restoring Penzance as the helicopter gateway to the Isles of Scilly, and reinstating helicopter flights to St Mary’s and Tresco.

“Our attention now turns to the construction phase of the project, beginning with the careful fulfilment of our planning conditions, after which we expect construction to take place during late 2018 and 2019.”

Penzance Heliport will operate up to 17 return flights per day throughout the year.

The majority of flights will operate to St Mary’s and the service will also reinstate a direct connection to the island of Tresco.

Flights will operate seven days per week, but the Penzance Heliport team has offered to reduce its proposed Sunday flying schedule by half, to a maximum of four return flights, to minimise the impact on local residents.

The service will operate using the state-of-the-art AW139 helicopter, with seating for 15 passengers and a 20 kg luggage allowance. The flight to the islands will take 15 minutes.

It is estimated the project will unlock £31 million of private investment in the Isles of Scilly, stimulate £10 million of economic activity in West Cornwall and provide around 30 permanent jobs.

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