Chief Constable leads volunteer cadet celebration at House of Lords

Tuesday 22nd May 2018 00:02 BST

The success of the Volunteer Police Cadets will be highlighted at an event hosted by Devon and Cornwall Police’s Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer and Baroness Harris of Richmond at the House of Lords today.

Mr Sawyer has national responsibility for the scheme which has recently benefitted from two years of Home Office funding, worth £1.8m, from the Police Innovation Fund.

During this time the Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) national team has supported the creation of more than 400 new VPC Units attracting members aged nine to 18 across the programme. There are now 15,776 cadets nationwide.

Mr Sawyer said: “The VPC benefits both the young people involved and their local communities. Thanks to Home Office funding we have been able to create more places for young people across the UK.”

The event will be attended by more than 100 guests from police forces across the country, as well as senior Home Office representatives and cadets, who will talk about their experiences and how the scheme has benefited them.

At the event Dr Jeffrey DeMarco, a leading forensic psychology, criminology and legal researcher at Middlesex University, will present ground-breaking research into the impact of the VPC on a young person’s life.

Dr DeMarco said: “Not only has involvement in the VPC demonstrated a boost to young people’s psychological well-being across their confidence, self-esteem and empowerment, it also provides a safe place for young people to interact with like-minded peers, and gets them involved and visible in their communities.”

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