Rise in unemployment benefit claimants

Saturday 15th December 2018 09:07 GMT

The number of people claiming unemployment benefits in West Cornwall has risen, according to new figures.

The data, released by the Office for National Statistics, shows a total of 825 claimants in November for the St Ives parliamentary constituency, compared to 530 at the same time last year, a rise of 295.

Cornwall-wide the claimant count rose by 2,355 to 6,375 over the twelve months.

The figures do not include those claiming sickness-related benefits.

Penzance Jobcentre customer service manager Jamie Dean told Coast FM: “It has been a challenging six to eight weeks in West Cornwall. Obviously, there is the effect of seasonality, and retail has been suffering a bit from internet shopping.

“We are working hard with all the people coming into the jobcentre to move them back into employment.”

Mr Dean added that there were still seasonal jobs available on the Jobcentre’s books.

The number of people employed in the South West is now at 2.76 million, up 34,000 on the year

The South West also has the highest employment rate in the country, at 78.7 per cent, above the national average of 75. 7 per cent.

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